BAS offers a great lineup of IT Support and Services. Our IT Services Division has been providing a broad range of technology related services to our customers that go well beyond the scope of our standard software support. We can function as your IT Department or provide just the specific services needed:



In addition to identifying your future needs and objectives, BAS will perform an on-site audit of existing computer system infrastructure and produce a detailed report of the findings. This report will serve to identify your current status and produce a recommended plan of action to meet your stated objectives. Working together, we will be able to produce a long term plan for the municipality.

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Network Planning & Design
  • Network Management
  • Email Filtering & Hosting

disasterMore and more organizations are learning the importance of having a disaster plan in place before it’s too late. We will work with you to develop a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that your data and your ability to function is protected.

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networkPlanningFrom Servers to Firewalls, all your network infrastructures will eventually need to be replaced. Migrating from during these replacement periods can be daunting task that needs careful planning in order to ensure a smooth transition. Working with you, BAS will create a phased implementation plan to identify your infrastructure needs and recommend suitable replacements while minimizing disruption.

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networkManagementManaging and maintaining your network is an important part of getting the most out of your investment. Using the latest monitoring tools BAS will pro–actively monitor, troubleshoot and provide remedial services to ensure minimum network disruption; planning and installing network updates and/or upgrades are also included in this service. 

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emailThis service will re-route emails to an off-site server to prevent spam and other potentially dangerous emails from entering your network. The filter software will be updated regularly to add new definitions to the filter to ensure that approximately 99% of spam is blocked. This will save you significant remedial effort to investigate and correct many related computer problems.

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What Our Clients Say


    Vastly Superior to Other Companies

    We are overwhelmingly satisfied with BAS IT Services! They are able to connect to our computers and see exactly what our issues are. They also can tell when there is an issue with the server and internet, and they contact us regarding what they are seeing.

    -Michelle Bouchard
    Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Town of Cape Vincent