Municipal Payroll

BAS Municipal Payroll SoftwareThe BAS Municipal Payroll System (MPS) is an enterprise-wide solution that will interface with your BAS Integrated Financial Management (IFM) System. The result is a relational database where payroll is processed, posted, and available for reporting.

Major Features Include:

  • Multiple Payroll Cycles
  • Easy Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Benefit Tracking
  • Multi-Year Accessibility
  • Payroll Certification Report
  • Retirement Reporting
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Electronic Reporting
  • W2 Processing
  • Automatic Backup

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Integrated Property System

The Integrated Property System is an innovative software suite that can consolidate property data from every department within a municipality into a centralized database system that allows for quick and easy access to all authorized users. The result is a related set of applications, where each module can work independently or together as part of an integrated system. The IPS software is 1203 compliant and produces the NYS annual report; municipalities in other states other than NY & CT, please inquire about specific state requirements.
IPS 256x256

  • Building Permits: Processes Applications, Calculates Fees, Prints Permits & Reports, Tracks Inspections, etc.
  • Complaints and Code Enforcement: Tracks Complaints, Actions, Log Inspection/Violations, Send Violation Notices, Appearance Tickets, etc.
  • Planning and Zoning: Records Applications (Variances, Subdivisions, etc), Calculates Fees, Process Tracking, Bonds, etc.
  • Periodic Inspections: Track Time Oriented Inspections (Fire, Multiple Dwelling, Health), Issue Certificates, Inspection Checklists.
  • RPSV4 and GIS Links: Integration with local base maps, federal and /or state databases & assessment records.
  • Parcel History: Quickly review all current/prior activities related to a parcel.
  • Field Inspections: Use laptops; tablet PC's, schedule & record inspection results on-site.
  • Document Imaging: Attach Electronic Files to Parcels, Permits, Complaints, Inspections, etc (Laserfiche Integration options)
  • Batch Printing: Mass Print Documents for Permits, Complaints, Projects, and Fire Inspections (Expired permit letters, etc)

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Building Permits

The Building Permit & Inspection Tracking System was designed to improve the application, permit review, inspection tracking processes throughout one or multiple departments in a local government.

Major Features of This System Include:

  • Tracks status of all applications and permits
  • Prints Building Permits, CO’s and CC’s (utilizing customized forms generator)
  • Calculates all required fees - Provides “Quick Fee Calculator” for phone inquiries
  • Schedules inspections and associated results - Maintains permit history for each parcel
  • Tracks miscellaneous cash received
  • Produces monthly reports of fees collected
  • Generates various audit, activity and management reports
  • Produces the data needed to complete the C-404 Census form
  • Includes a built-in “Help” system

*Full Windows Functionality - Utilizes the industry standard SQL Database

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement & Complaint Tracking System was designed to automate the responsibilities of Code Enforcement Officers and streamline their day to day activities all while updating the parcel history database.

Major Features of this System Include:

  • Ability to quickly enter complaints and track all associated actions (e.g. inspections, violations, phone calls, letters, etc.)
  • Maintains complaint history by parcel
  • Easy retrieval and reporting of all open complaints
  • Schedules and tracks inspections
  • Tracks violations related to complaints/on-site inspections
  • Issues violation notices and tracks associated follow-ups
  • Allows user-defined complaint, violation and disposition codes
  • Stores the International Code and/or local code book for easy retrieval
  • Includes “custom form designer” for customizing notices, letters, etc.
  • Generates various audit, activity and management reports
  • Includes built-in “Help” system

* Full Windows Functionality – developed in Microsoft .Net utilizing the industry standard MSSQL Database

Periodic Inspections

The Periodic Inspection System works in conjunction with the assessment database; the system was designed to accommodate any inspection type necessary in a municipality whether it be Fire, Rental, Health, Septic, etc.  The schedule, calendar and inspection views all provide users the functionality needed to quickly and efficiently find and record their findings.

Major Features of this System Include:

  • Allows user defined periodic inspection types and inspection frequency
  • Identify Parcels that need inspections (past-due, currently-due, upcoming)
  • Filter Parcels that need specific work (re-inspections, by inspector, by municipality)
  • Track contacts, fees, auctions, attachments, etc.
  • Log inspection results using check-list format
  • Complete inspection history including (past-violations, re-inspections, user actions)
  • Allows for local/state codes to be associated with inspection checklist items
  • Includes custom "forms designer" for customizing letters, forms, violation notices, etc.
  • Produces a variety of reports
  • Easily track inspection results for sub parcels (malls, rental units, etc.)
  • Issue Violations, Fire Certificates, Operating Permits
  • Printable checklist form for use in the field

Customer Testimonials

  • -Jennifer Gruschow, Village Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Rushville

    Simple and Successful

    BAS offers top of the line municipal software that comes with the most personable, knowledgeable and helpful support staff possible. This is a combination that is hard to find and certainly hard to beat!
  • -Brad Hammond, Chief Building Inspector, Town of Riverhead

    Very Helpful

    We really appreciate all the help and expertise you have been able to provide. While there are so many disparate issues and difficulties in selecting, purchasing and implementing a new database system, it has been a relief that BAS has employees to ensure that what is advertised becomes reality.
  • -Roger Gallant, Building Inspector, Town of Huron

    BAS IT Services Satisfaction

    BAS upgraded our Network and computers at the Town of Huron and became our on-contract, out sourced IT Help desk in January of 2011. We had already been using a few of the BAS Software products with favorable results and so it seemed to be a good fit to inquire about IT assistance. BAS IT Services found solutions that have worked for the Town and at affordable rates. BAS has an outstanding reputation and really understands local government needs. In our experiences, they’ve always delivered the highest level of customer service. The IT Techs we have worked with at BAS are intelligent, patient, friendly, and professional. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship and partnership into the future together.
  • - Martha Maywalt, City of Syracuse Director of Pre-development Neighborhood & Business Development

    Greater Productivity

    IPS has provided greater productivity for many aspects of the City of Syracuse’s operations, for the benefit of citizens, developers, and City staff. The Complaint Module provides Code Enforcement and Public Works a means to more efficiently manage and track high volumes of varied activities, and the Web Portal allows constituents to enter and track complaints and service requests online. Using Workflow for interdepartmental reviews of permit and zoning plans has made review processes transparent and more efficient, automatically notifying the applicant and other reviewers of relevant results. Access to information tracked by multiple departments has made IPS an invaluable tool for planning and resource allocation.
  • - Jean Klatt, Town Clerk, Town of Gaines

    One of the Best Investments My Town has done in Software

    Within our first year of implementing the BAS Utility Billing Software the Town of Gaines has already been able to recognize that the process and results have been so much more simple and successful than with our previous billing software. The Town most definitely would recommend the BAS Utility Billing program to any interested parties, but all BAS software as well.
  • - Donna A. Combs, Town Clerk/Collector, Town of Warrensburg

    Efficient & Ease of Creating Reports

    The BAS Tax Application program is one of the best investments my town has done in software programming. The program is user friendly, saves time and allows my data to be easily retrieved for my customers as well as meeting all of the State requirements for tax reports due to my town. I have total confidence in the program.
  • - Delores Musone, Building Dept. Account Clerk, Town of Wallkill

    More Effective in Assisting our Citizens

    The Town of Wallkill Building Dept. has had a very positive experience with the IPS program. We are able to do many involved tasks much more efficiently and in much less time than before. The ease of creating reports such as individual inspections, cash, monthly permits, Dodge Report, fire inspections & complaints is incredible! Many in the department also like the capability to scan documents into an individual permit file and also the ability to put in notes to clarify ‘special’ situations and directions. The BAS support staff is always very helpful and is always open to our individual needs.
  • - Don Mekulik, CPCA, Town of Hamptonburgh

    Seamless Processing Service

    The BAS building department programs have assisted our building department to run more efficiently and become more effective in assisting our citizens. The staff at BAS has always been available to assist whenever we have questions.
  • - Becky Connolly, Town Clerk, Town of Somerset

    Best Money the Town Ever Spent

    Expanding services to the residents is one of my top priorities. I had numerous requests for credit card use so I felt that was a service that we could offer. Processing the charge is seamless and offers our residents another payment option.
  • -Judith Crawford, Receiver of Taxes, Town of Beekman

    100% Satisfied

    I have had the Internet Tax Application for over a year now and it was the best money the Town ever spent. It has cut down tremendously on the number of title company calls and even homeowner calls for April tax information. With this application available to the public at any time with paid information included it literally means your office is open 24/7 for your taxpayers. What more could they ask for! It sure does work for me.
  • -Ryan J. Lashway, Technology Coordinator, Town of Queensbury

    Very User Friendly

    With the support BAS offers and the speed of upgrades to comply with new State regulations, I can finally say we have found our solution for Animal Control and we are 100% satisfied.
  • -Brenda McConnell, Clerk-Treasurer/Tax Collector, Village/Town of Brownville

    I have used the BAS tax collection software for many years. I want to express my continued satisfaction with this program. It is very user friendly allowing me to do my tax work promptly and accurately. I would also like to commend the BAS staff. If ever I have a problem I know when I call my questions will be answered both promptly and courteously.