The Animal Control System is designed to help manage enforcement activities related to licensed dogs and other animals. The system allows retrieval of information by owners name, address, license (tag) number, or local incident number.

Major Features of the System Include:

  • Provides quick search capability by owner name to verify a dog license and/or by dog license to find owner information
  • Creates record of all enforcement and complaint activity (strays, seizures, bites, etc.)
  • Displays complete history of incidents (by animal, owner, etc.)
  • Prints “all actions by incident” report for use in court cases - Prints out a Bite Report to print off a logged incident
  • Prints Appearance tickets for a court appearance
  • Tracks all vehicle maintenance
  • Ability to link pictures/images to an incident and to dog records
  • Includes initial upload from Ag & Markets or BAS Licensing System
  • Allows periodic uploads from BAS Dog Licensing System to keep license information current
  • Prints NYS approved plain paper DL-18 & DL-87 forms
  • Meets NYS Agriculture & Markets reporting requirements
  • Uses the latest Microsoft Database Technology – SQL

Streamline Your Animal Control & Animal Shelter Management

Let our team provide further detail on what our Animal Management System can do for your municipality.
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  • "The Village utilizes the workflow engine for complaints as it is a fast and easy way to process complaints for your municipality. Once a complaint is assigned, the workflow automatically emails the complaint to the appropriate department or agency without any extra work. This feature is definitely a cost and time saver."
    Camille Guido-Downey, RMC Village Clerk of Wesley Hills, NY
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