The Animal Shelter System was designed to help manage shelter activities related to licensed dogs or other non-licensed animals. The system allows retrieval of information by owners name, license (tag) number or animal identification number.

Major Features of this System Include:

  • Creates record of all shelter activity (inductions, redemptions, adoptions, impounds, boardings, etc.)
  • Calculates fees and tracks all payments received - Generates cash receipts report of fees and donations collected
  • Compiles list of animals available for adoption plus monthly and yearly status reports
  • Displays current status of all animals (available for adoption, etc.)
  • Provides licensing and rabies status of all dogs within jurisdiction
  • Prints NYS approved plain paper DL-18 form - Produces on-demand searches by breed, color and/or sex
  • Allows tracking of non-licensed animals
  • Meets NYS Agriculture & Markets reporting requirements Future Features Include:
    • Handles DOA’s & euthanizations
    • handles multiple inductions adoptions and redemptions from the same customer Animal Shelter System

Streamline Your Animal Control & Animal Shelter Management

Let our team provide further detail on what our Animal Management System can do for your municipality.
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  • "The Village utilizes the workflow engine for complaints as it is a fast and easy way to process complaints for your municipality. Once a complaint is assigned, the workflow automatically emails the complaint to the appropriate department or agency without any extra work. This feature is definitely a cost and time saver."
    Camille Guido-Downey, RMC Village Clerk of Wesley Hills, NY
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